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Student Organizations

The Student Activities Office facilitates the creation and maintenance of various student organizations.

These organizations vary in interest from purely academic, relating to specific technical and academic programs, to more peculiar interests, such as addressing the needs and interests of the older than average students or interests in area history.

Currently there are twenty-three active student organizations. Each recognized student organization has its own faculty Advisor, which ensures the longevity of the organization by being a constant, stable resource. The Director of Student Activities serves as the Advisor to the Student Government Association, which serves as the umbrella organization for all recognized student organizations.

A Class Act-Drama: Supports and increase awareness and knowledge of the performing and visual arts.
Advisor: Damon Gengo (x6351)
Co-Advisor: Clark Reed (x6501)
Accounting Society: Enriching students who are interested in accounting through teaching, networking, and mentoring.
Advisor: Tamalla Green (x6247)
Alpha Beta Gamma: Business curriculum honor society, citizenship & American traditions.
Advisor: Sheila Guillot (x6381) Co-Advisor: Adrian Champagne (x6416)
Co-Advisor: Patricia Granger (x6392)
Alpha Lambda Rho (Phi Theta Kappa Chapter): Honor Society recognizing academic excellence at the freshman and sophomore levels.
Advisor: Dr. Barbara Huval (x6330)
Art Club: Promote the arts on campus and in the community
Advisor: Grace Megnet (x6477)
Baptist Student Ministry: Spiritual & social needs
Advisor: Sally Byrd (x6339) Co-Advisor: Darin Ford (880-2276)
Chi Alpha: Friendship, social contact, encourage new and prospective students, academic development, service to institution, express views and concerns to campus leadership.
Advisor: Mavis Triebel (x6332)
Gamers United: Promotes activities for those interested in various types of video games.
Advisor: Zachary Mills (x6421)
Instrument Society of Automation: Provides technical information and career opportunities.
Co-Advisor: Robert Peeler (x6420)
P.O.W.E.R (Paralegal Organization Work & Education Recharged): Social organization geared towards Paralegal majors and students who are interested in the Paralegal field.
Advisor: Ed Quist (x6382) Co-Advisor: Caitlyn James (x6471)
Co-Advisor: Jamie Clark (x6317)
Professional Cosmetology Association: Serves the interests of students in the cosmetology program and promotes professionalism.
Advisor: Amanda Smith (x6402)
Sigma Kappa Delta: Honor society for English majors.
Advisor: Michelle Judice (x6352)
Student Government Association: Promotes student involvement on campus.
Advisor: Claire Thomason (x6191)
Webb Historical Society: Promotes historical research, service, preservation and interest in local history.
Advisor: Christina Wilbur (x6394)

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