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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Developmental Education Plan

Developmental Education Plan

Providing higher education opportunities to populations previously underserved is a distinguishing characteristic of two-year institutions. Lamar State College-Port Arthur exhibits this commitment through an open-door admissions policy. As a result, a wide range of pre-college level courses exists for those students who, for whatever reason, are not prepared for college-level work.

Students enrolled in developmental education courses are a diverse group. They vary in formal education, age, socio-economic status, cultural background and academic skills. They may also be at a disadvantage because of unrealistic career goals, poor self-image and/or previous academic failures.

Lamar State College-Port Arthur is dedicated to providing "compensatory education programs designed to fulfill our commitment to accommodate students with diverse goals and backgrounds."

The College makes the following definitions:

  1. "Developmental education" is remedial instruction that prepares students to successfully pursue college programs of education or training.

  2. Developmental courses deal with knowledge and skills normally acquired at the secondary level. The Developmental Education Department is a part of the Academic Programs Division. The Developmental Education Department chairperson is responsible for all developmental courses as well as for all activities in the Student Success Center.

Developmental Education Courses

The following constitute developmental courses at LSC-PA:

MATH 0311 Developmental Mathematics
MATH 0312 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MATH 0313 Introductory Algebra
MATH 0332 Intermediate Algebra
ENGL 0300 Developmental Reading Skills
ENGL 0301 Basic Reading Skills
ENGL 0309 Developmental Writing Skills
ENGL 0310 Developmental Writing I
ENGL 0327 Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW)
SSC 101 Individualized Instruction (integrated reading/writing)
SSC 102 Individualized Instruction (mathematics)

Developmental Education Completion Requirements

  1. A student completes a "required developmental education program" by complying with one of the following provisions:

    1. Passing the relevant section or sections of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) exam.

    2. Passing an approved developmental course or courses with a grade of "C" or better. Students who earn a grade of "C" or better will advance to the next level. Students who earn a "D" or "F" must repeat that course subject to all attendant conditions.

  2. Students testing into any first-level developmental courses must be in remediation in the Student Success Center. The SSC requirement for any developmental course must be completed concurrently with that course, or a grade of "F" will be issued for the course. See an advisor for details.

  3. If a student earns a "D" or "F" in a developmental course once and takes it a second time, the student must be enrolled in EDUC 1300 OR PSYC 1300 concurrently. If a student earns a "D" or "F" in a developmental course the second time, he/she must be in remediation in the Student Success Center. See an advisor for details.

Advising of Students Subject to Developmental Education Requirements

A student who has not completed all requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) must receive academic advising from the Advising Office until all remediation requirements are met.

Students are advised of assessment, placement and advising requirements during recruitment, admissions and the enrollment process. Upon completion of the Texas Success Initiative requirements, a student no longer is required to participate in advising in the Advising Office.

Continuous Remediation Requirement and Temporary Exemption

A student is required to be in continuous remediation until passing all parts of the test for TSI purposes. This means a student must remain in at least one developmental course until TSI complete.

Exiting Remediation

Students may retake a test for TSI purposes with no waiting period with the approval of the testing administrator to determine their readiness to perform college-level academic coursework. However, students who do not score high enough on such a placement test must enroll in and complete the prescribed developmental course or sequence of courses.

Students who pass placement tests on this campus during a semester must fulfill the requirements of the course(s) in which they are enrolled.

Students who fall into first-level remediation on the assessment exam must participate in continuous remediation in the Student Success Center, in addition to enrolling in the appropriate developmental course(s).

Developmental Course Repetition

A student who enrolls for a second time in the same developmental course must enroll concurrently in EDUC 1300 and/or the corresponding Student Success Center lab.

If a student earns a "D" or "F" again, but passed EDUC 1300, the student will continue in SSC lab until both the course and lab are passed concurrently.

After a student exceeds the state's maximum of 27 semester hours of remedial courses, the College may charge an additional fee for further remedial courses.

A student must place into a college-level course or successfully complete the developmental sequence that precedes the required college-level course before enrolling in that course.

Attendance in Developmental Courses

Students enrolled in developmental courses are expected to follow the attendance requirements outlined in the course syllabus and complete all assignments and testing.

Instructors may drop a student with a grade of "F" for failure to follow the attendance policy, failure to complete assigned work and/or failure to complete all required testing.

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