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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Facilities & Property Management

Facilities & Property Management

As a state agency, Lamar State College Port Arthur is required by state statute to be accountable and responsible for all controlled and capital equipment possessed by the agency. The State Auditor's Office requires that each item be accounted for. Therefore, it is imperative that employees be aware of their responsibilities.

  • Property may be removed from the campus only when necessary to conduct official College business.

  • There must be a sign out sheet in each department to document all property leaving the office or campus, and the Property Manager must also be notified.

  • Always obtain signatures and record accurate property numbers, serial numbers, and location of property that is transferred from one department to another. Proper documentation provides a sound audit trail.

  • When completing a "Request for Removal of Inventoried Items", always obtain proper signatures and ensure accurate property numbers and serial numbers are recorded.

  • All missing or stolen property must be reported to the Property Manager as soon as the loss is discovered. The proper paperwork should be completed immediately.

  • Whenever employee negligence is suspected in connection with missing or stolen property, an investigation from the Attorney General's Office will be warranted and required.

  • All untagged property should be reported to Property Manager.

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