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Lamar State College - Workforce Training/Continuing Education - Live Sound Workshop

Workforce Training/Continuing Education

Live Sound Workshop I

The Live Sound Workshop I provides an overview of the field of live sound including an introduction to the fundamentals of sound, acoustics, analog audio, digital audio, wireless sound systems, microphone techniques, front of house mixing and monitor mixing. Through hands on learning Live Sound Workshop explains the principles of live sound and the theory and interconnection of the components of a sound reinforcement system.

In recent years, advancements in studio recording techniques, improvements in home playback systems and the resulting refinements in the listening expectations of audiences have created demands in the field of sound reinforcement that could hardly have been imagined only a couple of years ago. The demands which today’s live sound reinforcement systems must meet, apply not only to available loudness level, clarity, richness and fullness of the output sound, but also to the systems compactness, efficiency and flexibility.

Thanks to developments in surface mount electronic components, digital audio, computer networking, Wi-Fi, smart phones and tablet devices, live sound reinforcement systems are closer than ever before to meeting the demands of the listening public. These advancements in live sound reinforcement technology have occurred so quickly that general knowledge among purchases, operators and maintenance staff has tended to fall far short of their needs. A lack of thorough and understandable information can sometimes leave system buyers and users at a disadvantage not only in dealing with the equipment itself, but also in understanding such effects as the acoustic environment and the human factor, and implementing workable solutions to the problems they present.

A poorly designed, improperly maintained or operated live sound reinforcement system can make a talented musical act seem inferior, or cause a public speakers voice to be lost in the mud of incoherent sounds. A well-designed and effectively operated system can pleasantly accent a performance or allow a public speaker’s message and true ability to come across. Simply put, the sound system and its operation ca be the critical difference between failure and success.

This workshop is meant to close the information gap. It is designed to allow a fairly comprehensive study for those who wish to pursue a relatively detailed understanding of sound reinforcement; both novices and seasoned professionals will find many insights to be helpful. It is also meant to be understandable to those who need only the basic facts about how a sound reinforcement system works and how they can be used in real-life situations.

End-of-Course Outcomes: Describe signal flow in sound reinforcement set-up; and explain the function, characteristics, and specifications of the components of a sound reinforcement system. Identify the controls of a live sound mixing board; demonstrate set up for microphones and monitors; and identify and solve common problems including feedback. Set-up, maintain and operate wireless microphones, monitoring systems and Wi-Fi mixing systems. Use and understand industry specific vocabulary.

Meet Your Instructor:

Cody Biscamp graduated from Lamar State College Port Arthur with a degree in Audio Engineering. While attending college, he worked doing professional audio installations  for live sound applications in venues and churches across Southeast Texas. He has also ran sound as both Front of House Engineer and Monitor Engineer in several venues in the area, working with both analog and digital systems. Predominantly a guitarist, he also plays several other instruments.

Course Materials: Notebook, Pen, Pencil, 4GB Flash Drive, Earplugs

Topics Covered:

  • Analog Signal Flow
  • Digital Signal Flow
  • Gain Staging
  • Analog Mixing
  • Digital Mixing
  • Hybrid Mixing
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Wireless Monitors, Microphones
  • Wi-Fi Mixing
  • And Much More

Tuition: $150

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